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PRCO is a key national high-tech enterprise with years of development, and has become a famous refractory supplier in China combined with production, engineering, design, service and R&D. It is now well proved to be the most dynamic refractory enterprise in China.

Puyang County Refractories Factory, as its predecessor, was founded in March, 1988. In 2002, it was reconstructed into a limited liability company and in 2007, became Puyang Refractories Group CO., LTD, which registered over 341 million RMB and has a total capital of 694 million RMB, with a staff of over 2825 workers. Among them, 26 have PhD and  Masters degrees. The number of experts in high tech industry, R&D, production management is more than 831.

High Quality Products, turnkey projects...

Perfectly done, with strong technical support after the sale, and customer satisfaction guaranteed!

That’s the PRCO pledge!

Refractory for:
Blast Furnace
Hot Blast Stove
Coke Oven
Continuous Casting
RH/DH Degassers
Foundry Industry
Industrial/Heating Furnace
Aluminum industry
Copper Industry
Cement/Lime Industry
Petro-Chemistry Industry